U.S. Money Reserve reveals many benefits to purchasing valuable coins

American assets have been on the rise over the last 10 years. The expansionary monetary and credit policies of the Federal Reserve have driven one of the longest economic expansions in history.

This has led to tremendous gains in the Dow Jones and Nasdaq averages. Simultaneously, it has pushed interest rates to historic lows, thereby causing real estate prices around the country to soar to all-time highs.

Yet many experts now agree that these asset-inflationary policies have largely maxed out their potential. As the poor performance of the stock market at the beginning of 2018 seems to indicate, America may be heading for a very rocky financial future. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: https://www.yellowpages.com/austin-tx/mip/u-s-money-reserve-inc-481069669 and http://spectrumlocalnews.com/tx/austin/news/2017/11/16/us-money-reserve-gives-to-harvey-relief.html

Risk assets may be poised to deliver record-low returns over the next 10 to 20 years, leaving investors who are planning on long-term growth for retirement in bad financial shape.

But this is far from the worst-case scenario. While most financial experts agree that it would be prudent to assume the foregoing, a few experts are sounding far more serious alarms regarding the potential multiplier effects that may be seen as U.S. debt, both public and private, spirals out of control.

Some gold analysts, such as expert investor Peter Schiff, have stated unambiguously that the United States may be heading for a financial collapse that would make the Great Depression look mild by comparison.

When every asset class crashes, precious metals may be the only hedge

U.S. Reserve is the premier seller of rare and new-issue gold, silver and platinum coins in the United States today.

In its more than 10 years in business, U.S. Money Reserve has matched clients with the coins and purchasing strategies that fit their individual needs, whether that is buying a single coin for the joy of owning a timeless work of numismatic art or part of a sophisticated hedging strategy.

One of the most important things that U.S. Reserve can do for clients, which other forms of buying precious metals cannot, is allowing the client to take physical possession of the coins.

The importance of having the coins physically located in an area, such as a safe, where they can be quickly and unfailingly retrieved is a tremendous strategic advantage over other potential hedging strategies. Read more: US Money Reserve | Twitter and US Money Reserve | Facebook

Although it may not be pleasant to think about, in the event of a real civil or financial collapse, having coins provided by U.S. Money Reserve may give you the assets you need to survive where others may be left holding worthless contracts.