Rick Shinto Is Leading InnovaCare Into A Future Of Success And Service

Rick Shinto is the CEO and President of InnovaCare, Inc., and he started out his career as a pulmonologist who worked out of Southern California. Since his humble beginnings, he has done quite a bit to build up a solid reputation and name for himself. As a writer, he has penned numerous articles related to healthcare issues and clinical medicine, and he has been pointed out as being the main reason for InnovaCare Health’s success. Rick Shinto graduated from the University of California earning a Bachelor’s of Science Degree, and he went on to earn a medical degree while studying at the University of New York. He also attended the University of Redlands where he earned his M.B.A.


Rick Shinto believes that InnovaCare Health will soon expand into different markets enabling it to improve upon what it offers to its many patients. As the CEO of the company, he has been an inspiring figure and has motivated the employees of the company to become more involved with its success. The company has Puerto Rican affiliates, PMC Medicare Choice Inc. and MMM Healthcare Inc., and both of these further its mission to help its members become healthy, both, in body and mind. The satisfaction of its customers in Puerto Rico is extremely high with 9 out of 10 patients rating the company highly. Both of these affiliates received NCQA accreditation in 2011, which is given to companies that exceed or meet the expectations for quality.


InnovaCare, under Rick Shinto’s careful guidance, has made doctor visits much more affordable for regular, everyday people. This means that resident of Puerto Rico now are able to visit a quality healthcare center that uses modern day technology and methods. More than two thirds of people in Puerto Rico have chosen InnovaCare as their provider, and this trend is expected to continue. Rick Shinto was CEO and President of Aveta Inc. before he came aboard with the company, and he was awarded with the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award while there. He commented that he was honored to be the recipient of the the award and received because of his commitment to success through creative ideas.


Rick Shinto has dedicated himself to continuing his work to make InnovaCare Health one of the best providers in the world. It his business savvy and remarkable focus that has brought the company into the spotlight time and time again.