Jason Hope- Success Happens One Step At A Time

Jason Hope is not only an advocate of “smart technology”, he believes that not far into the future, it will move from a “convenience” for consumers to the only way to continue moving forward. He refers to this as the “Internet of Things”, and he fully expects companies to actively compete for the latest and greatest capabilities to link technology with everyday living.

Expect consumers to dictate who the current winners are on a day to day basis. The apps that offer the most to consumers in relation to their daily routine, such as brewing their morning coffee or switching off the lights when they leave for work, will be king. In addition to consumer convenience, this technology will improve overall safety and benefits to the environment as well.

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Jason Hope has become known as a respected “futurist” for technology. Hope is passionate about technology and especially the “Internet of Things”.  He feels that smart technology will play an integral role in the future. He carefully follows new business ideas as he is convinced that the future hinges on the ideas of today’s entrepreneurs. As a young entrepreneur himself, Jason Hope credits his success on being able to focus on one project at a time rather than jumping from one thing to the next. Jason grew up in Tempe, AZ and holds a degree in finance from Arizona State University.

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