Highland Capital Management, LP has the Expertise to be one of the Industry Giants

Highland Capital Management, LP (HCM), is registered with the SEC (Security Exchange Commission) and is one of the largest alternative global credit managers in the industry.

Highland Management focuses on credit strategies for collateralized loan obligations, credit hedge funds, distressed and special situations private equity and long-only funds and separate accounts. The company manages approximately $19 billion in assets.

HMC is based in Dallas, Texas and operates offices in Seoul, Singapore, Sao Paulo and New York. The company provides services to a variety of clients including high net-worth individuals, governments, financial institutions, corporations, endowments and foundations and public pension plans.

Highland Management Capital has an interesting history. The company began in 1990 when the two founding partners established a joint venture with Protective Life Insurance Corporation (PLIO) and eventually the partnership evolved into Protective Asset Management Company (PAMCO).

In 1997, the founders purchased the stake in PAMCO owned by PLIO and established Ranger Asset Management (RAM) and in 1998 changed the name of the company to Highland Capital Management. As the company grew so did the expertise to expand HMC’s services. Learn more about Highland Capital Management: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/highland-capital-management#/entity

Currently, HCM is a rapidly growing company with more than 180 employees. The team works to develop individual strategies to meet the needs and goals of clients while staying at the forefront of an ever changing industry. Highland Capital Management continues to practice what they preach and invests along with its clients proving their methods and strategies work for everyone.

The company has interests in more than just the financial industry. HCM is highly invested in the communities where the HCM team lives, work and raise their families.

According to Bloomberg, Highland Capital Management is committed to changing lives and empowering the ordinary citizen and those in need through a variety of acts of volunteerism. It is important to the management at HCM to work within the communities and support initiatives through financial donations, time and involvement in advisory boards. Highland Capital has a special interest in healthcare, education and Veterans programs.

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  1. They take great proud in the work they have done with local community groups and non-profit organizations and since 2005, HCM has committed more than $10 million to organizations worldwide. It is also important that cheap custom writing service can get most of these handled off correctly and it’s not surprising they have it all.

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