Doug Levitt: Showing The Heart Of The Struggling

Doug Levitt has shown that he has a heart for the struggling. He is also willing to show others that these people also have a heart. This is the reason that he is writing a book which is a compilation of stories called The Greyhound Diaries. The method that he has used is to travel and meet people who are traveling on Greyhound. One thing that could be said about Greyhound is that it attracts a lot of people that are in a major struggle. One of the reasons that people travel by Greyhound is because they are defeated by their struggles and are willing to start over.

Doug Levitt as a singer and songwriter is not only willing to put these stories into his book, but is also willing to convert these stories into songs. A lot of these stories are heart breaking for people that read them. They are filled with warm moments. Yet, they are also filled with tragedies and moments that will bring people to tears.

Levitt has gone on to spread awareness about his book. He does encourage people to read it and go through the stories of people he has talked to. People of all walks and positions in life will be able to take something from The Greyhound Diaries. For one thing, it allows people to know that the struggling and downtrodden are actually doing what they can to improve their situation. It also shows people that are struggling that they are not alone. People that are also in the struggle can also get the encouragement they need in order to keep going.

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  1. A lot of these stories are actually depressing. However, they do have this air of hope that things could turn around for the struggling people. Doug Levitt aims to give people that hope. I also understand that to write my essay australia I would need to have small idea of something important too.

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