Diversant: Thoughtful and Passionate

I admire companies like Diversant. They are an IT staffing company and they are incredibly skilled at what they do. I love it when a company truly cares about people and cares about their future. They want to set you up right and make sure you are properly prepared for whatever the road lies ahead. You can’t always predict it, as life can be really surprising and really throw you some curve balls, but they can give you some tips on how to handle certain situations and certain problems that are sure to arise, as life is not perfect. Nothing is perfect, which is why you need the preparation.

They often say that life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you react to it. They want to make sure that if something arises, you know how to react to it as your reaction is vital in a situation like this. If you have the wrong reaction, it can really have an ill effect. If anyone knows how to handle situations, it is John Goullet, the principal of Diversant and a member of their leadership and advisory board. This is a man that used to run his own company, by the way, in Info Technologies, and this was a company that would find solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Within five years, they were making $30 million in revenue.

He can help shape young minds and get them ready for whatever is around the corner, no matter how big or small it is. The great thing about John is that he is not afraid to share his wisdom. He isn’t selfish and he isn’t the kind of person that wants to keep all of his tips and secrets to himself. He wants to pass them onto the next generation and get them ready for the future. They say the children are our future and even though they aren’t children, these men and women in the IT world are our future.

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  1. John is a problem solver and you won’t find anyone better in the IT world at problem solving than John, which is why Diversant loves having him on board. I can attest to the fact that my essay writer.com has really become what most people would not like it to be.

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