Freedom Of Expression And More Make Up Lime Crime Cosmetics.

To Lime Crime founder and CEO Doe Deere, cosmetics are more than just a way to cover up imperfections. Doe feels that the right cosmetics with the right colors can create an amazing freedom of personal expression and style. Lime Crime was founded on those principals. The wonderful world of cosmetics was pushing out nude and dull colors left and right, even while their make up buyers were yelling for more true to life colors. Doe heard the call and answered the requests by founding Lime Crime and making her line of products meet the demand and requests of freedom of expression with vivid color.


Another thing that so many people seem to love about the product line at Lime Crime is that these cosmetics are cruelty free. Having an animal friendly cosmetic line is important to so many people. It’s not everyday that any company achieves such a rapid and appealing level of success on so many levels. Lime Crime is animal friendly, woman owned and full of expression and they have a product line that is bold and fresh. What could be better? Perhaps a vegan friendly product line? Oh…wait… Lime Crime is that too. Doe Deere sure knew what she was doing when she started to listen to her inner voice and develop products that cosmetic buyers wanted to use.


Knowing and understanding the brand is important to Doe Deere. She understands that she has to have a vision in order to get the company and the products from point A to Point B and beyond. She has a crystal clear picture of customer service and uses that to make clear choices that help design the products her customers know, like and trust. Growing up in New York around the fashion community has helped her to achieve her desires to design and become inspired by her creations.


As an entrepreneur Doe understands business does not have to come at the cost of customers being dissatisfied. Being productive and proactive in the company is what it is all about to Doe. Treating everyone with love and respect is key to Doe and the people at Lime Crime. Over the years Doe has also learned to trust her own intuition. That gut feeling has never led her wrong and she still counts on it today in all of her business dealings. Doe admits that if her gut feeling is bad she will not enter into a business deal. Heart and head have to match for her to be successful. Perhaps that gut feeling is the secret to the success of Lime Crime.


Lime Crime and Doe Deere love to share their financial success too. They give money to the Bide – A – Wee no kill shelter in New York and Doe herself has two rescue cats that remain close to her heart.