My Uncle Got To See That Cello At Work with A Securus Visitation Video

My uncle actually paid for the cello that my son uses in his high school orchestra, and my son has a very serious teacher that does recitals every year. My uncle is in jail right now, but we did not want him to miss out on the concert. Taking video of it is one thing, but letting him see it in real time is another thing. That is when I heard about Securus.

Putting an app on my phone and signing up for an account was not a bother at all, and then I made sure that I was able to get the app going when it was time to start the concert. I just held up my phone with my uncle on the other end, and he got to see the whole solo that my son did. It might have only been eight minutes, but it was really priceless to my uncle. He was really proud of finding that cello in the first place, and now he could see it in action. That is a really cool thing for him to see, and I want him to know that we appreciate it.

We have been talking to him more on Securus because it is just a great way to talk, and they let you do video visitation any time. They created this amazing sort of camera technology that is in a lot of jails, and it helps us all connect on a new level.

We were never going to make it to jail, and my son cannot actually bring the cello into the jail to play.

Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.