Bringing the Samurai Back To Life

An appearance on The History Channel as a guest expert for one of the channel’s series can elevate a person who is an expert in their field. The person can now be known by many people outside their realm of expertise. An example of this is the appearance in the three part series Tales of the Gun by Michael Zomber. He had the honor and privilege of appearing as an expert and demonstrating to the viewers his vast knowledge of antique firearms. It was an opportunity for many viewers to get to know him for the first time and follow up those appearances with a purchase of one of his books.

One of the shows was entitled “Guns of the Orient.” Zomber is recognized as an expert concerning the weapons and armour utilized by the Japanese Samurai, so this series was just the vehicle to spotlight his knowledge. Michael Zomber has been a collector of antique firearms for over thirty years, but he is really a story teller.

He wrote a book entitled Soul of the Samurai which is an historical novel. Its time period is 17th Century Japan. Zomber also wrote about Christianity in Japan in a book entitled Jesus and the Samurai. He has also written about the Civil War in a book entitled A Son Of Kentucky and his book Park Avenue centered around art and auctions.

Michael Zomber is a special individual with a passion for preserving the past through the vehicle of antique firearms. He is just the type of person The History Channel needs to spotlight.