Eugenia Shea Give You Their Best Butter did an article about 7 surprising Shea butter uses. Shea butter is an amazing rich oil that is found in many different countries in Africa, and there are many different uses for Shea butter. The first use is for hair. Shea butter can lock in moisture to hair. Only a small amount of Shea butter needs to be used. The second used for Shea butter is for nails. Individuals can massage Shea butter into their nails, and they will notice a huge difference in their hands. The other use of Shea butter is for makeup removal. Shea butter can be used to remove makeup at the end of the night.


The fifth use for Shea butter can be a lip balm. Shea butter can relieve dry and chapped lips. The sixth reason to use Shea butter is for feet. Shea butter can help to heel chapped feet, and also Shea butter can help skin absorb moisture and the vitamins in Shea butter can help heal cracked heals. The last reason why many people use Shea butter is to enhance their perfume. Many people feel like their perfume goes away during the day, but when a little bit of Shea butter is applied under perfume, it will help the scent to stay for the majority of the day.


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