Dr. Villanueva Brings The Dental Community Together

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva has the dental background as a corporate dentist and a solo practitioner. Therefore, he knew what was required to take care of his patients and to run the administrative side of his practice. The challenges that he faced in double duty responsibilities increased his knowledge in how much easier it would be if the administrative roles in dental practices were omitted. He also thought about the new dental graduates who would be faced with the same solo and corporate dental practice offerings that he came from and what their challenges would be. Due to his background, Dr. Villanueva learned how to bring the necessary resources and support needed in the busy industry of dental practices.

As a result of these business challenges, Dr. Villanueva created the Texas based MB2 Dental Solutions company. The MB2 Dental Solutions company is designed with a team of administrative professionals who are helping dental practices with staffing, payroll, legal, marketing, accounting, and human resources undertakings. MB2 is designed to be a full-service dental administrative firm which is owned by dentists to help dentists concentrate on their best patient practices. As MB2’s CEO and founder, Dr. Villanueva has grown this dental solution firm exponentially with the aid of innovative service technology and top professional staff members who respond quickly to their clients’ needs. Additionally, MB2 Dental Solutions has a network of dentists who are experts in various specialties and who share their expertise with each other.

This business design enables dentists to provide better services to their patients and it creates a great dental community that not only helps each other but also creates loyalty. Dr. Villanueva, for security purposes, keeps all MB2 Dental Solution dental practices autonomous. MB2 Dental Solution has over 70 dental practices in six states, with the expectation to continue its growth. Dr. Chris Villanueva spent much of his life in South America and Asia, even though he was born in Ohio. After graduation, Dr. Villanueva worked in a private dental practice. He worked for ten years as an associate dentist, a dental trainer, and he worked for a physician focused practice system before he formed MB2 Dental Solutions. He continues to enjoy mentoring and training dental students and assisting them in their future plans. Dr. Villanueva is married with children, residing in Northern Texas.


MB2 Dental Comes To The Rescue Of Dentists

Dr. Akhil Reddy has been practicing for nine years now. He specializes in general dentistry. When he passed out from medical school, he realized that he had a tough decision to make.

Either he could join a big place and enjoy the conveniences. But he had to give up on his autonomy. Or else he could have his own practice. But that required him to do a lot of other things besides dentistry.

Dr. Akhil Reddy realized that the same dilemma exists even today. This was when he decided to co-found MB2 Dental. Now he wanted dentists to enjoy the benefits of big places like best practices, an updated training program and so on.

But he also wanted them to have their own say by having their own practice. This is where they could practice the treatments they wanted and the way in which they wanted them. Learn more about MB2 Dental: http://mb2dental.com/

According to Yellow Pages, now MB2 Dental provides all these benefits to the dentists and much more. It is all about upholding the sanctity of the profession. MB2 Dental ensures that the profession does not suffer in any. Hence the customers must always get the best professional service.

This can happen only when the dentist is happy and comfortable. In his own setup, the dentist has a lot to do.

They are integral to its survival and development. Hence they cannot be ignored. But if the dentist is involved in these areas, his dentistry is going to suffer. This is not acceptable. Also, for a dentist, his work is the true passion. He would not like to compromise it for any reason.

Basically MB2 Dental does not believe in compromising anywhere. This is why they have a ready pool of qualified and experienced people. This is why they can provide experienced staff as and when required by any dentist. This is a highly effective service as dentists do not have time to source staff.

This requires surfing the internet, communicating with other hiring agencies or giving an ad in a paper and so on. Next is the shortlisting and calling for interviews. Organizing this and communicating to relevant candidates is another task. Due to all these reasons, MB2 Dental is providing a wide variety of services to its clients. This is a service for the dentists that is being provided by dentists.