Brian Torchin: A Brief Profile

Brian Torchin has served as the president, CEO (chief executive officer) and a managing partner of HCRC Staffing since 2007. HCRC Staffing is said to be the leading full-service consulting and staffing company for employment seekers seeking to apply their various skills in the legal or healthcare industry. Torchin’s experience with the medical industry goes back to 2000.

He works with a number of different groups, enterprises, and organizations connected to health care including private practices and urgent care centers. He and his company currently have over 200 clients. The client base includes locations in the U.S., Europe, Canada, Australia and Asia.

Brian Torchin has reportedly had an important part in the medical field, specifically in the growth of healthcare recruitment counselors. His clients have often gone on record as saying that he is consistently capable of providing them with a number of qualified candidates and comprehensive solutions to employment-related issues.

Brian Torchin’s business model has always focused on the belief that it is very important to make and maintain strong, “long-term relationships” with the clientele. He strives to honor the desire of his customers while providing both them and his own employees with the solutions they require.

On a company blog site, he wrote that he also believes that keeping current “on competitive compensation trends is important for health systems” so that they can garner the services and talent they require in order “to grow and improve.”

He applies such business techniques as expedience, direction, and consultation. He works to offer every single one of his customers fast and efficient solutions to their business concerns. He also tries to make himself constantly available to fulfill their requests and to answer any questions they may have.

Torchin also regularly posts blogs concerning such subjects including hiring a nurse practitioner and “the five tips to hiring superb employees.” He has been involved in the community.

In March of 2011, he was active in a fundraiser for Magee Rehabilitation. He is currently looking to become more involved by serving as a member of a nonprofit board and by doing some pro bono skills-based volunteering.