Anthony G. Petrello Has Proved To Be The Best Financial Advisor

Mr. Anthony G. Petrello is the senior administrator at Nabors Industries, a geothermal, oil, and Gas Company, which has over 500 rigs operational in more than 20 countries. He has specifically been charged with the responsibility of being the Chief Executive Officer at the Canadian holding company.

Before he could rise in rank to his current position, Mr. Antony Petrello had served in different positions. From 1991, he held the position of Chief Operating Officer at the Nabors Industries Ltd. Since 1992, Mr. Petrello has been the president of the Nabors Industries a position he still holds as he doubles as the Chief Executive Officer. As from 2003 to June 2012, he was the Deputy Chairman of Nabors Industries Ltd. In June 2012, Mr. Petrello was appointed to be the Board Chairman of Nabors Industries Ltd. While at Nabors Industries Ltd, Mr. Anthony G. Petrello was ranked the top paid bosses in the year 2013. He was however not the top paid in 2014 due to the falling in oil revenues across the entire industry. He also worked at Baker & McKenzie law firm from 1986 to 1991 and as a director of Texas Children Hospital and

Mr. Anthony G. Petrello studied Juris Doctor at Harvard Law School, Bachelor of Science, and a Master of Science in Mathematics from the Yale University. His college roommate Lloyd Grove described him as an outspoken, and a dazzling Math whiz whose outstanding performance at the college earned him recognition.

Lloyd, in his article, narrated the origin of Petrello decent and admirable family with Cynthia Carrafa, college girlfriend, and an actor. Their daughter, Carena, was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia at a tender age. Mr. and Mrs. Petrello have contributed over $5 million in donations to aid the research that may help solve Carena as well as other children’s conditions.

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