Securus Technology Answers Misleading Press Release From GTL

On June 7, national Prison communications provider Global Tel Link (GTL) issued a press release regarding a recent U.S. Patent Trial. Securus Technology followed up with its own statement calling out GTL for issuing falsehood, misrepresentations and out right lies.


It is securus’ position that GTL purposefully issued the press release to mislead readers regarding the facts of the case. Securus issued its own response, providing a detailed correction to each of GTL’s allegations.


Securus CEO Richard “Rick” Smith said that GTL has a long history of making personal attacks against other companies. “GTL has been the subject of numerous complaints from customers and prison staff,” said Smith. “They have a less than stellar record to say the least.”


Smith also stated that GTL misrepresented the facts by leaving out pertinent information to make it seem as though the patent board found in their favor. According to sources, the case is still pending. “We stand by our products and our technology,” said Smith. It’s a shame that GTL had to go down this path to make a point.”


Securus Technology is a Dallas-based correctional and civil technology and safety provider. To find out more about the company and its services, go to their website


Freedom Of Expression And More Make Up Lime Crime Cosmetics.

To Lime Crime founder and CEO Doe Deere, cosmetics are more than just a way to cover up imperfections. Doe feels that the right cosmetics with the right colors can create an amazing freedom of personal expression and style. Lime Crime was founded on those principals. The wonderful world of cosmetics was pushing out nude and dull colors left and right, even while their make up buyers were yelling for more true to life colors. Doe heard the call and answered the requests by founding Lime Crime and making her line of products meet the demand and requests of freedom of expression with vivid color.


Another thing that so many people seem to love about the product line at Lime Crime is that these cosmetics are cruelty free. Having an animal friendly cosmetic line is important to so many people. It’s not everyday that any company achieves such a rapid and appealing level of success on so many levels. Lime Crime is animal friendly, woman owned and full of expression and they have a product line that is bold and fresh. What could be better? Perhaps a vegan friendly product line? Oh…wait… Lime Crime is that too. Doe Deere sure knew what she was doing when she started to listen to her inner voice and develop products that cosmetic buyers wanted to use.


Knowing and understanding the brand is important to Doe Deere. She understands that she has to have a vision in order to get the company and the products from point A to Point B and beyond. She has a crystal clear picture of customer service and uses that to make clear choices that help design the products her customers know, like and trust. Growing up in New York around the fashion community has helped her to achieve her desires to design and become inspired by her creations.


As an entrepreneur Doe understands business does not have to come at the cost of customers being dissatisfied. Being productive and proactive in the company is what it is all about to Doe. Treating everyone with love and respect is key to Doe and the people at Lime Crime. Over the years Doe has also learned to trust her own intuition. That gut feeling has never led her wrong and she still counts on it today in all of her business dealings. Doe admits that if her gut feeling is bad she will not enter into a business deal. Heart and head have to match for her to be successful. Perhaps that gut feeling is the secret to the success of Lime Crime.


Lime Crime and Doe Deere love to share their financial success too. They give money to the Bide – A – Wee no kill shelter in New York and Doe herself has two rescue cats that remain close to her heart.

Brian Torchin: A Brief Profile

Brian Torchin has served as the president, CEO (chief executive officer) and a managing partner of HCRC Staffing since 2007. HCRC Staffing is said to be the leading full-service consulting and staffing company for employment seekers seeking to apply their various skills in the legal or healthcare industry. Torchin’s experience with the medical industry goes back to 2000.

He works with a number of different groups, enterprises, and organizations connected to health care including private practices and urgent care centers. He and his company currently have over 200 clients. The client base includes locations in the U.S., Europe, Canada, Australia and Asia.

Brian Torchin has reportedly had an important part in the medical field, specifically in the growth of healthcare recruitment counselors. His clients have often gone on record as saying that he is consistently capable of providing them with a number of qualified candidates and comprehensive solutions to employment-related issues.

Brian Torchin’s business model has always focused on the belief that it is very important to make and maintain strong, “long-term relationships” with the clientele. He strives to honor the desire of his customers while providing both them and his own employees with the solutions they require.

On a company blog site, he wrote that he also believes that keeping current “on competitive compensation trends is important for health systems” so that they can garner the services and talent they require in order “to grow and improve.”

He applies such business techniques as expedience, direction, and consultation. He works to offer every single one of his customers fast and efficient solutions to their business concerns. He also tries to make himself constantly available to fulfill their requests and to answer any questions they may have.

Torchin also regularly posts blogs concerning such subjects including hiring a nurse practitioner and “the five tips to hiring superb employees.” He has been involved in the community.

In March of 2011, he was active in a fundraiser for Magee Rehabilitation. He is currently looking to become more involved by serving as a member of a nonprofit board and by doing some pro bono skills-based volunteering.

David Osio Initiates a Real Estate Application


David Osio’s company has launched a new application. This application is referred to as the CAP calculator. The calculator will help clients and investors determine how much returns they make on real estate investments. Osio’s Real Estate Group leads the way in South America in helping clients develop investment strategies.



iPhones and Android Phones as Well



Osio has been motivating his employees in the tech department to move faster to ensure that the application is ready for use. The application shall be used on both android phones and iPhone. The information as to whether one’s investment is paying off is just a click away. Through this application, investors will not only learn what their investment returns are, but also access the location of the property they have acquired. The chat interphase availed on the application allows the investor to interact easily with his/her real estate agent.



REG always thought of ways to help clients navigate the real state world with ease. As a matter of fact, the company has had this as its objective. Clients, according to Gerard Gonzalez, will have clarity in terms of their financial decisions when determining which property to purchase. Clients and indeed investors will be able to estimate the price of rent on property.



This application initiated by Osio’s team will be able to estimate mortgage cost using its calculator. Interest and the period of funding will also be determined using this application. REG has also not been left behind in trying to get strategic partnerships abroad. The company’s strategic plan is to expand to Europe. Spain will be the first to benefit from REG’s services. REG’s platform, in the first quarter of 2016, expanded to 60%.



Of David Osio



David Osio, the chief executive and founder of Davos Financial group, deals in portfolio structuring, successoral planning and corporate planning. His operation is based in Venezuela and his success speaks for itself. Under his able leadership, his company has grown its reach such that it now has offices in Geneva, Panama, New York and Miami.



Osio is a graduate of the Catholic University, Venezuela, where he majored in the law of banking. At Estudios Superiores, he also excelled in studying advanced management. His specialization in banking law was able to get him a job in 1984 when he started working for a law firm in Caracas. This law firm, MGO, made him in charge of corporate clients. In Miami, he worked for Banco International. In 1993, Osio started his own business, REG, after a stint as vice president in the Miami company.