The RealReal – the Best in Luxury Consignment Trend

An interest in luxury consignment and thrift stores has been steadily increasing for the past several years. Their success provides a stark contrast to well established and faltering retail stores. One of these success stories belongs to The RealReal. That success was built on the company’s offering of high quality items, their rigorous authentication process, and excellent services for its sellers.

The RealReal, founded by Julie Wainwright in 2011, started as a Website In addition to the Website you can preview their collection on Instagram. Recently, the company opened a store in New York’s trendy SoHo.

The RealReal’s most popular items come from Cartier, Hermès, Manolo Blahnik, and Chanel. Their Instagram feed shows a variety of pieces worth mentioning. One of them is an exquisite Panthère de Cartier watch. Its bracelet is inlaid with 18K pink gold offset by black lacquer that imitates panther’s freckled fur.

If you’re looking for a boldly colored bag, Hermès’ Kelly Togo leather satchel is just the right item. Its classic design is a perfect background for a bright orange color. The bag is also offered in royal blue and purple.

Manolo Blahnik’s black mules with an elegant signature Hangisi buckle would fit perfectly in Marie Antoinette’s closet. It would certainly fit in any modern fashionista’s shoe collection.

Chanel is one of those labels that never go out of style. Their hula hoop bag is not for faint-hearted. The original unfortunately did not go into production. Instead, Chanel created a smaller retail version measuring 24 centimeters.

The RealReal is a treasure chest full of luxury pieces that you can buy for a fraction of a retail price. If you’re looking for designer items, their Website and store are be worth your time.

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Jason Hope Passion for Technology

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, futurist and investment analyst who is significantly known for his believe in technology and his generous acts of giving back to the community. As a young boy, Jason Hope grew up in Tempe and later went to school. He was awarded a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Arizona. Years later, he also acquired a master’s degree from college’s W.P. Carey School of Business. He is well-known for his excellent work in the technology field and the charity work he has been involved in for a long time.

When Jason started his career, he managed to develop a mobile communications company which was a significant boost to the technology. Currently, he focusses on his wealth of kills such as philanthropy, biotechnology and investing in startups, business development and business strategy. Jason Hope also spends most of his time around Scottsdale where he mentors high school students as he develops business programs for entrepreneurs.

In addition to the skills in the business initiatives, Jason Hope also has keen interests in politics of business in the state of Arizona and nationwide. He is always engaging in politics that are meant to create a good business environment for the people.

Jason Hope also believes that the internet technology could be of great help in assisting the public transportation industry in helping the users predict when their next means of transport which could be the bus or train would be available at their location in the real time. According to his explanation, Jason believed that if the technology were used, people would get access to the real-time data on public transportation and therefore reducing the number of people using the private cars.

Consequently, traffic would decrease in the cities and the activity would also encourage efficient public conveyance. Another advantage of the technology would also be a reduction of the unnecessary environmental pollution from the motor industry.

Jason Hope has great belief that the technology has the solution to the changes needed in the world today and hopes that people can learn great ways of utilizing at maximum level on a daily basis. In his philanthropist work, he has done charity work by donating to the SENS Research Foundation which is majorly involved with anti-aging products and working on great ways of increasing the lifespan of the human being. Mr. Jason is a generous man whose actions and contributions cannot go unnoticed.

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Rick Shinto Is Leading InnovaCare Into A Future Of Success And Service

Rick Shinto is the CEO and President of InnovaCare, Inc., and he started out his career as a pulmonologist who worked out of Southern California. Since his humble beginnings, he has done quite a bit to build up a solid reputation and name for himself. As a writer, he has penned numerous articles related to healthcare issues and clinical medicine, and he has been pointed out as being the main reason for InnovaCare Health’s success. Rick Shinto graduated from the University of California earning a Bachelor’s of Science Degree, and he went on to earn a medical degree while studying at the University of New York. He also attended the University of Redlands where he earned his M.B.A.


Rick Shinto believes that InnovaCare Health will soon expand into different markets enabling it to improve upon what it offers to its many patients. As the CEO of the company, he has been an inspiring figure and has motivated the employees of the company to become more involved with its success. The company has Puerto Rican affiliates, PMC Medicare Choice Inc. and MMM Healthcare Inc., and both of these further its mission to help its members become healthy, both, in body and mind. The satisfaction of its customers in Puerto Rico is extremely high with 9 out of 10 patients rating the company highly. Both of these affiliates received NCQA accreditation in 2011, which is given to companies that exceed or meet the expectations for quality.


InnovaCare, under Rick Shinto’s careful guidance, has made doctor visits much more affordable for regular, everyday people. This means that resident of Puerto Rico now are able to visit a quality healthcare center that uses modern day technology and methods. More than two thirds of people in Puerto Rico have chosen InnovaCare as their provider, and this trend is expected to continue. Rick Shinto was CEO and President of Aveta Inc. before he came aboard with the company, and he was awarded with the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award while there. He commented that he was honored to be the recipient of the the award and received because of his commitment to success through creative ideas.


Rick Shinto has dedicated himself to continuing his work to make InnovaCare Health one of the best providers in the world. It his business savvy and remarkable focus that has brought the company into the spotlight time and time again.


U.S. Money Reserve reveals many benefits to purchasing valuable coins

American assets have been on the rise over the last 10 years. The expansionary monetary and credit policies of the Federal Reserve have driven one of the longest economic expansions in history.

This has led to tremendous gains in the Dow Jones and Nasdaq averages. Simultaneously, it has pushed interest rates to historic lows, thereby causing real estate prices around the country to soar to all-time highs.

Yet many experts now agree that these asset-inflationary policies have largely maxed out their potential. As the poor performance of the stock market at the beginning of 2018 seems to indicate, America may be heading for a very rocky financial future. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

Risk assets may be poised to deliver record-low returns over the next 10 to 20 years, leaving investors who are planning on long-term growth for retirement in bad financial shape.

But this is far from the worst-case scenario. While most financial experts agree that it would be prudent to assume the foregoing, a few experts are sounding far more serious alarms regarding the potential multiplier effects that may be seen as U.S. debt, both public and private, spirals out of control.

Some gold analysts, such as expert investor Peter Schiff, have stated unambiguously that the United States may be heading for a financial collapse that would make the Great Depression look mild by comparison.

When every asset class crashes, precious metals may be the only hedge

U.S. Reserve is the premier seller of rare and new-issue gold, silver and platinum coins in the United States today.

In its more than 10 years in business, U.S. Money Reserve has matched clients with the coins and purchasing strategies that fit their individual needs, whether that is buying a single coin for the joy of owning a timeless work of numismatic art or part of a sophisticated hedging strategy.

One of the most important things that U.S. Reserve can do for clients, which other forms of buying precious metals cannot, is allowing the client to take physical possession of the coins.

The importance of having the coins physically located in an area, such as a safe, where they can be quickly and unfailingly retrieved is a tremendous strategic advantage over other potential hedging strategies. Read more: US Money Reserve | Twitter and US Money Reserve | Facebook

Although it may not be pleasant to think about, in the event of a real civil or financial collapse, having coins provided by U.S. Money Reserve may give you the assets you need to survive where others may be left holding worthless contracts.

The Surgical Innovations of Dr. Saad Saad, Renowned Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Saad Saad is a highly accomplished pediatric surgeon with more than 40 years of experience in the field. Aside from treating hundreds of children in the United States, Dr. Saad has also led Medical Missions in both the U.S. as well as Jerusalem and the West Bank to perform free surgeries for underprivileged children. However, Dr. Saad is perhaps best known for patenting two different life-saving medical inventions, both of which are designed to assist pediatric surgeries.


Dr. Saad’s first invention was a catheter with an internal electromagnetic locator device. During surgeries of all kinds, catheters are used to drain obstructive gases and fluids and provide better access for surgical tools, but in order to view an internal catheter once it is inside the patient’s body, X-ray scans are usually required. But because repeated X-rays can present health risks for patients, Dr. Saad decided to craft a catheter that could be tracked without exposing patients to radiation. His patented catheter has magnetically permeable material in its tip, which allows doctors to use external locating devices to track the location of the catheter.


Dr. Saad Saad also patented a device to provide suction or irrigation for rigid endoscopes. Endoscopes are a technology used to get a view of the inside of a patient’s body during surgery, but bodily fluids can block the endoscope’s view or fog its lens. Dr. Saad worked around this by converting endoscope anti-fog ports into suction and irrigation devices, which allow for bodily fluid to be sucked away and water to be applied to clear the endoscope lens. Endoscopes used for surgery on the lungs, esophagus and large intestine are already being fitted with this device, and Dr. Saad knows from experience how much easier it can make it for surgeons to perform complex surgeries. Learn more:


Dr. Saad Saad graduated from the Cairo University School of Medicine in Egypt, and he performed his residency at the UMDNJ University Hospital. He is certified in pediatric surgery by the American Board of Surgery, and he has held state medical licenses in both Iowa and New Jersey. In 2014, he was awarded the Vitals Patients’ Choice Award, and he also received Compassionate Doctor Recognition.


Today, Dr. Saad is based in Eatontown, New Jersey, and he continues to perform pediatric surgeries in the area. He is affiliated with a number of hospitals in the area, including the Jersey Shore University Medical Center and the Long Branch campus of the Monmouth Medical Center. He is widely regarded as one of the foremost experts in pediatric surgery, and his two medical inventions continue to make complex pediatric surgical procedures safer and easier.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: The Rise Of The Bradesco Bank

Bradesco Bank is one of the largest banks in Brazil today. The financial institution is currently headquartered in the city of Sao Paolo, and they keep on expanding their operations by acquiring smaller banks all throughout the country.

In the past, Bradesco Bank is known as the leading bank in the country, and they enjoyed the investments given by thousands of investors. However, this distinction was later grabbed by Banco Itau and Unibanco, which went under a merger contract in 2009. During the same year, Bradesco Bank’s president retired, so the board of directors tried to search for someone who could bring reforms and changes to the company.

Several candidates were given to the board of directors, but they ultimately selected Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi to become the company’s next leader. He has been with the company for more than 40 years, starting as a bank clerk and became promoted to higher positions. He gratefully accepted the new challenge that was entrusted to him, and the board of directors has asked Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi to find a way on how the company could grow further and take the distinction as the leading bank in Brazil back to the Bradesco Bank. The newly appointed president promised that he would be doing everything that he can to reach his goal successfully.


The first thing that he did was to gather information from his colleagues. He had to attend several brainstorming activities, where ideas will be shared with everyone in a room. He picked up the idea of acquiring financial institutions to increase their dwindling number of assets and at the same time, increase the company’s stock market value. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi set his eyes on several financial institutions, but what attracted him the most was the potential for HSBC Brazil and the Bradesco Bank to merge. He started speaking with the executives back at HSBC Brazil, but the idea of merger does not sound pleasant to their ears.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi would have to revise the contract over and over until the leaders of HSBC Brazil claimed that one of the contracts he made is good and they will now proceed to the merger. The cost of the transaction was $5.2 billion, considered at that time as the costliest and the most expensive merger on the planet. Through the partnership between HSBC and Bradesco Bank, the stock market price of the two firms soared up. It was a victory for Luiz Carlos Trabuco and he could not believe his eyes that the value of Bradesco Bank started to increase. He thanked HSBC Brazil for the trust that they have given the Bradesco Bank, and he stated that more business would follow.

Unfortunately, the leader of Bradesco Bank had to step down from being a president. He already reached the age of retirement, and in Brazil, it is required that the people have to retire. The one who will be replacing him, Octavio de Lazari Junior, is a young man, and his colleagues are confident that he will continue the programs that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi implemented.

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Wes Edens Broadens His Range of Expertise

The career of American entrepreneur and private equity investor Wesley (Wes) Edens also embraces the world of sports.His business career got a start at California Savings and Loan as well as work with Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney. He also joined Lehman Brothers as a managing director in the mortgage trading division. In 1998 Edens, along with Randal Nardone and Robert Kauffman, co-found the Fortress Investment Group. Edens, who is the co-chairman and co-founder of the group, is responsible for Fortress’ private equity business which mainly invests in areas such as infrastructure, transportation, real estate and financial services.The company, which is a highly diversified global investment manager, handles assets for more than 1,750 private investors and institutional clients on a global basis.

Last year SoftBank Group announced it had completed the acquisition of the Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 billion in cash. Fortress will operate as an independent business within SoftBank with Edens, Nardone and current co-CEO and co-chairman Peter Briger, will maintain leadership of Fortress.Venturing into the sports field in 2014, Edens and Marc Lasry, chief executive and chairman of the Avenue Capital Group, announced they agreed to buy the Milwaukee Bucks for approximately $550 million. They have also pledged to have the team remain in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and will develop a new revolutionary sports arena in the city.The Milwaukee Bucks are a professional basketball team that competes in the National Basketball Association’s Eastern Conference Central Division.

Edens and Lasry commented in a statement their strategy will include utilizing the same strength and resolve as owners of the team as they have applied in building competitive teams in the business world.What’s more, Edens, along with Fortress, recently revealed the launch of eSports brand FlyQuest. The professional “League of Legends” team was purchased from Cloud9 for $2.5 million.The new franchise plans to put together multiple teams to compete across a number of future eSports games and worldwide competitions.Edens, who was raised in Helena, Montana, graduated from Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in finance. He is married to his wife Lynn and they have four children. Edens contributes to the philanthropic activities that take in education, health and arts to organizations such as Partners in Health, Environmental Advocates of New York, the William J. Clinton Foundation and more.

Bob Reina: Dreams Matter

Bob Reina, the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, knows that dreams matter. They are incredibly important to the world today. Some of the best ideas have come from the dreamers out there. They have not been afraid to go after their dreams. That is the big thing. People need to not be afraid to go after their dreams. They need to believe in their dreams. After all, if they don’t believe in their dreams, how do they expect anyone else out there to believe in their dreams? They need to be at the forefront talking about their dreams and banging on the drum of their dreams. It is how things get accomplished in today’s society.


It is how Bob Reina turned Talk Fusion into what it is today, which is an award-winning company. The company won two awards in 2016, as a matter of fact, including the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year. Bob Reina knows people and understands people, which is one of his greatest strengths as a human being. It is what has helped Talk Fusion grow into what it is today, which is a company that has been running strong for 11 years. He has helped build that with the help of a lot of people.


By building this company back in 2007, they have allowed people to follow their dreams with video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. It is how they get recognized and noticed out there in the world. It is what the dreamers out there need. In many cases, the dreamers lack confidence, and they aren’t sure how to get the most out of their dream. Talk Fusion allows people to get the most out of their dreams. It will not be a slow and boring period in their life.


As a matter of fact, it is a reawakening for them, which is something they have desired for a long, long time. Maybe they kept it to themselves because they didn’t want other people out there to judge them. There is always going to be judgment, as Bob Reina faced it when he changed careers. People thought he was taking too big of a risk. Those people are quiet now that they have seen what Bob Reina has accomplished with Talk Fusion. It all started when he believed in himself and ignored what other people had to say. Learn more:








General information on Ronald Fowlkes.

Ronald Fowlkes acted as the Co-Owner of First Spear and business development’s director. Ronald had his education in Army Jump a school that was prestigious. Ronald in the department of police he was a participant of the St. Louis. In his time as a marine, he was opened to spear for his first time which he got exposed to continuously, through his military course and his career of police. In development, design, and quality top gear delivery for police had good experience in that for over two decades. He acted as the manager of Development at Eagle Industries, business development manager at ITW, and military salesperson before he joined Firstspear.

Ronald Fowlkes’ work history and life.

Ronald Fowlkes in an interview explained how he started his business and what inspired him to start his business. He explained that he worked in the U.S. Marine Corps and used to come in their gear across First Spear equipment. He explains that it was designed well and that it lasted and made the rigors put through really well. He joined SWAT and saw the similar equipment and learned it was made in his hometown. He knew that he wanted to discover out extra.

He made money through going for market activities regularly and he attended shows of trade. He said that it is from the field that most of their business came. Ronald explained that for them to be profitable, FirstSpear had governments which were different and in place. There were industry contracts. They supported NATO together with state and local law enforcement. The showroom is one of the marketing strategies that they used and it worked via the word of mouth. Ronald said that his toughest decision that he made in the few months past was moving his family. Ronald aimed at having things done and was team leader made him successful.

In his interview ideamensch, he explained where the idea came from about his company. He said that his passions and interests led him to the company. He explained from an early age, he developed attention in the military. He sent several applications to get into the company but always disappointed him being told he was young. Two weeks after he was done with high school he joined corps and later went to police force. Ronald said he had to balance his office jobs and personal activities. He explained that he was pleased with how the industry had been driven into new tube technology and laser cutting.

He explained that focusing on customers was what made their business grow. Ronald Fowlkes couched a league for youth and was an enthusiastic fan of hockey.

The Rocketship Education Get Recognized for Improving Schools

Rocketship education is getting a large amount of press because this california-based charter school system is thriving. In recent news one of the first buildings that has been utilized for a school that is utilizing net-zero energy is a Rocketship Charter School. This is impressive because it shows that this is a school system that is in touch with technology and renewable energy. These are the type of things that a general public school system may not have gravitated towards, but the Rocketship school system is many steps ahead of the game.

This is very obvious when one looks at the way that the kids that are in grades K through 5 are achieving more than they would outside of their traditional public school systems. This totally benefits families that are limited to a low income.

There are many limitations in the public school system, and families that do not have the money to send their children to private school will often find themselves with children that are in failing schools. This largely depends on school zoning according to neighborhoods where these families lives.

With Rocketship school systems these families take advantage of a charter school that has a higher caliber education without the cost of a private school. This is what everyone tends to celebrate when it comes to the Rocketship school environment.

Even the teachers are able to benefit from the fact that a great level of professional development is put in place. Their resumes are greatly enhanced by the fact that they become teachers in a charter school system. The Rocketship Education program is part of the public school system, but there are still differences that separate this from a traditional public school. One large part of it is the three pillars that are in still within this education platform.

For decades Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, has been fighting for charter schools. The Rocketship Education platform is the perfect example of what she was trying to get in place in more environments throughout the United States. It is an exemplary stand out for improving elementary education