The Rocketship Education Get Recognized for Improving Schools

Rocketship education is getting a large amount of press because this california-based charter school system is thriving. In recent news one of the first buildings that has been utilized for a school that is utilizing net-zero energy is a Rocketship Charter School. This is impressive because it shows that this is a school system that is in touch with technology and renewable energy. These are the type of things that a general public school system may not have gravitated towards, but the Rocketship school system is many steps ahead of the game.

This is very obvious when one looks at the way that the kids that are in grades K through 5 are achieving more than they would outside of their traditional public school systems. This totally benefits families that are limited to a low income.

There are many limitations in the public school system, and families that do not have the money to send their children to private school will often find themselves with children that are in failing schools. This largely depends on school zoning according to neighborhoods where these families lives.

With Rocketship school systems these families take advantage of a charter school that has a higher caliber education without the cost of a private school. This is what everyone tends to celebrate when it comes to the Rocketship school environment.

Even the teachers are able to benefit from the fact that a great level of professional development is put in place. Their resumes are greatly enhanced by the fact that they become teachers in a charter school system. The Rocketship Education program is part of the public school system, but there are still differences that separate this from a traditional public school. One large part of it is the three pillars that are in still within this education platform.

For decades Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, has been fighting for charter schools. The Rocketship Education platform is the perfect example of what she was trying to get in place in more environments throughout the United States. It is an exemplary stand out for improving elementary education