Spotlight on Crystal Hunt

Growing up in Clearwater, FL, Crystal Hunt had an early start in the entertainment business. From an early age she competed in beauty pageants and took singing lessons. Her first big role was as “Daughter” in the film Problem Child 2. After acting in several commercials, Crystal was discovered at the Actor’s Workshop in New York City thus opening the door for her casting as “Lizzie Spaulding” in the daytime series, Guiding Light. This is a role that she would hold for a total of four years. Her success in daytime television would open the door for Crystal to act in several films. She worked with Zac Efron on The Derby Stallion and Amanda Bynes on Sydney White, showing her depth as an actress.

With great talent comes great reward. Crystal has been recognized several times for her acting excellence. In 2005, at the age of 20, she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy and a Soap Opera Digest Award. Both of these were a result of her work on Guiding Light. Despite not winning, it was evident that the entertainment community was taking notice of Crystal’s skills.

Recently, Crystal has worked on several projects. She scored a role in the big budget film, Magic Mike XXL in 2015. In this film, she worked with Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, and Amber Heard. She was also cast as her self in a reality TV series called The Queens of Drama. This show followed the exploits of several high-powered daytime television actresses. One of her most recent roles has actually been behind the scenes as an executive producer on the horror film,Talbot County. This is the first time that Crystal was involved in a project off-screen and has added another dimension to her resume.

From singing lessons in Clearwater, FL to big budget films, she has come a long way. It will be interesting to see what direction her career goes into next.  Be sure to follow her on the official Crystal Hunt Facebook page, and check out her official website as well.

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