Securus Technology Answers Misleading Press Release From GTL

On June 7, national Prison communications provider Global Tel Link (GTL) issued a press release regarding a recent U.S. Patent Trial. Securus Technology followed up with its own statement calling out GTL for issuing falsehood, misrepresentations and out right lies.


It is securus’ position that GTL purposefully issued the press release to mislead readers regarding the facts of the case. Securus issued its own response, providing a detailed correction to each of GTL’s allegations.


Securus CEO Richard “Rick” Smith said that GTL has a long history of making personal attacks against other companies. “GTL has been the subject of numerous complaints from customers and prison staff,” said Smith. “They have a less than stellar record to say the least.”


Smith also stated that GTL misrepresented the facts by leaving out pertinent information to make it seem as though the patent board found in their favor. According to sources, the case is still pending. “We stand by our products and our technology,” said Smith. It’s a shame that GTL had to go down this path to make a point.”


Securus Technology is a Dallas-based correctional and civil technology and safety provider. To find out more about the company and its services, go to their website


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