Hilarious Wikipedia Edit to News Anchor’s Page

A news anchor recently found out that his page had been edited, and he thought it was hilarious. While he obviously corrected the information, it was not before he had shared it with his followers on social media. The edit itself was quite funny and seemed quite creative. The Wikipedia revisions changed Larry Madowo’s career from a journalist to the leader of a political party. In addition, it also indicated that he was born in 1889.

The hilarious edit went on to claim that he was a dictator who ruled Kenya for many years. It further went on to state that he started World War 2 in Europe. Another hilarious part of the Wiki edits was that he was a decorated girl scout in Kenya, who was born in Uganda. It also indicated that he initiated a coup to take over the Girl’s Guide Movement. To conclude the crazy edit, it stated that Larry was a vampire. That apparently explained how he had lived for so long without aging.

The Benefits of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is an open source encyclopedia that wholly exists online. The creators of the encyclopedia do not hire Wiki experts to come up with content. Rather, people volunteer to add informative facts to the site. It makes it a very powerful tool for businesses. For one, Wikipedia results always appear on the first page of Google search results. If there is some content on any topic on Wikipedia, it is shown in the top five results.

When you make a Wikipedia page it gives people the opportunity to tell their story on the internet. It can be a valuable tool for a small business trying to grow its footprint on the internet. Whenever people Google the business or individual, they get first-hand information from the person through Wikipedia. First impressions are quite important even on the internet which is why some people find it funny to edit a Wikipedia page to give people a laugh.

Follow Guidelines

It is important for a Wikipedia update to meet all the set requirement. If this does not happen, the person or business may be banned from Wikipedia. Luckily, some experts have dedicated themselves to helping individuals with this task. Get Your Wiki is a nice place to find them. They have the experience that will assist in the creation of a professional-looking Wikipedia page.


Wikipedia is the right tool for this purpose. However, it is misused by some people like in the case of the Larry Modowo. Just hire a Wikipedia editor from Get Your Wiki to make the proper edits to your page and have them do maintenance on your page to ensure that no other pranksters are successful in making a mockery of your reputation.

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