End Citizens United Members Made a Contribution of Over $200,000 for Rob Quest

End Citizens United, a popular PAC is known for its fights against money politics and cash flow into the election process, made sure that Rob Quest is getting more than $200,000 from its members’ contributions. The small donations which averaged at $16 will help Quest in his campaign as the PAC decided to endorse his campaign last month. “Grass root level contributions are making a difference, and people wanted to have an independent and different voice for Montana,” said Tiffany Muller, the Executive Director of the PAC. In contrast, Greg Gianforte, the opponent of Quest is getting the support of the large donors and looking for secret money from specific interest groups. Gianforte also found to be speaking something to people and something different to his large donors, per Muller.


Gianforte recently found talking in private that he would vote to remove the healthcare which is benefitting more than 24 million Americans, and within few days, Quist raised more than $550,000. End Citizens United has more than 14,000 volunteers in Montana, and they would support Quist in his campaigns with local supporters, and its national network of more than 330,000 small-dollar donors would ensure the money supply and defend any deceptive attacks by Gianforte and his followers, PAC confirmed. Last week, End Citizens United made an FEC complaint regarding the violation of law in terms of fundraising against Gianforte. The complaint also mentioned that he even broke the pledge made to Montanans that he wouldn’t accept any corporate PAC funds.


End Citizens United is known for raising huge sums from small-amount donors considering its vast number of supporters. In the initial three months of 2017, the PAC has collected at least $4 million, and it is planning to raise $35 million in total before the 2018 midterm elections for Congress. Considering the fact that the PAC has collected $25 million in the 2016 Presidential Election, this is going to be a great feat. By raising the amount, the PAC is planning to send maximum pro-reform campaigners to Congress and Senate. Earlier last month, End Citizens United came up to support the Democrat Jon Ossoff from Georgia.


The PAC is founded in the year 2015 to fight against the ill effects of 2010 Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court that gave unlimited and unaccounted access of cash into election campaign process. Since then, Super PACs and unions could support the candidates by pumping money in return for help for their business interests. Over the course of time, the verdict spoiled the concept of democracy – the voice of the people.


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