David Osio Initiates a Real Estate Application


David Osio’s company has launched a new application. This application is referred to as the CAP calculator. The calculator will help clients and investors determine how much returns they make on real estate investments. Osio’s Real Estate Group leads the way in South America in helping clients develop investment strategies.



iPhones and Android Phones as Well



Osio has been motivating his employees in the tech department to move faster to ensure that the application is ready for use. The application shall be used on both android phones and iPhone. The information as to whether one’s investment is paying off is just a click away. Through this application, investors will not only learn what their investment returns are, but also access the location of the property they have acquired. The chat interphase availed on the application allows the investor to interact easily with his/her real estate agent.



REG always thought of ways to help clients navigate the real state world with ease. As a matter of fact, the company has had this as its objective. Clients, according to Gerard Gonzalez, will have clarity in terms of their financial decisions when determining which property to purchase. Clients and indeed investors will be able to estimate the price of rent on property.



This application initiated by Osio’s team will be able to estimate mortgage cost using its calculator. Interest and the period of funding will also be determined using this application. REG has also not been left behind in trying to get strategic partnerships abroad. The company’s strategic plan is to expand to Europe. Spain will be the first to benefit from REG’s services. REG’s platform, in the first quarter of 2016, expanded to 60%.



Of David Osio



David Osio, the chief executive and founder of Davos Financial group, deals in portfolio structuring, successoral planning and corporate planning. His operation is based in Venezuela and his success speaks for itself. Under his able leadership, his company has grown its reach such that it now has offices in Geneva, Panama, New York and Miami.



Osio is a graduate of the Catholic University, Venezuela, where he majored in the law of banking. At Estudios Superiores, he also excelled in studying advanced management. His specialization in banking law was able to get him a job in 1984 when he started working for a law firm in Caracas. This law firm, MGO, made him in charge of corporate clients. In Miami, he worked for Banco International. In 1993, Osio started his own business, REG, after a stint as vice president in the Miami company.


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