How Kim Dao Spent A Day In Akihabara on $100

YouTuber Kim Dao shared a video where she spent an entire day in Akihabara on the equivalent of $100. Akihabara is the famous district of Tokyo that produces a lot of anime. She stays at a capsule hotel while there, which she includes the price of in the $100.

Kim Dao’s first stop is the capsule hotel, which is called Akihabara Bay Hotel. This hotel is for women only and cost her about $38 for the day.

After leaving the hotel, Kim Dao and her friend eat lunch at a hot dog restaurant that cost her $6.50. Akihabara has a lot of video game stores, and Kim Dao visited one that specializes in retro games. They also had game machines and plushies for sale and she spent about $18 in the shop.

The next stop for Kim Dao was a clothing store where she spent another $18 on socks and a phone accessory. They also went to an arcade and spent another $5 during a couple hours of playing.

Snacks in Akihabara are reasonably priced. Kim Dao was able to get a large, fish shaped cookie for the equivalent of only $2, leaving her with about $12 left to spend. Kim Dao and her friend decided to eat dinner at a place where they bought 50 chicken nuggets to share. This essentially used up the last of her money and capped their day in the district. They ended up going back to their hotel room in order to enjoy the evening.

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