Fabletics Gets to Know Their Customers

Fabletics has not gone with the usual strategies when it comes to growing its brand. Instead of using the more common “pop up” method of expanding its company, Fabletics has chosen to get to know their customer base and to find out more about the culture of those that they are marketing their products to. This has resulted in about 30 to 50 percent of their customers that shop their stores being members already. Another 25 percent normally ends up signing up for their membership as they shop in-store. It doesn’t matter whether their customers shop in-store or online either because all of their purchases count towards their shopping basket.


The sales of many companies are affected in a negative way by the fact that their customers shop around and buy products at a lower price elsewhere but since Fabletics already offers affordable prices on their clothing and they offer one-of-a-kind options, their customers shop with them. This keeps sales within Fabletics, and the customer gets the best deal without the hassle of shopping around in order to get the very best deal.


Kate Hudson loves her company and the brand that it stands for. She is very active and even wears her own collection. Kate Hudson is also very involved in her company and she watches for what is popular and what is not. Fabletics has their new members take a quiz known as the Lifestyle Quiz. The Lifestyle Quiz helps the company to get to know exactly what their customers want and need and the customer gets the best and most personalized service possible.


Fabletics has changed the perception that a good quality item has to be expensive. it doesn’t. With Fabletics you can get great clothes that are in-style and that are made of high-quality materials and that are manufactured to last. Fabletics offers trendy athleisure wear that everyone can afford as well and personalized and convenient service. Fabletics is offering something that other similar brands just can’t match.


Fabletics is expanding by the day, and they plan to open more stores that their customers can shop. They have even partnered with celebrities like Demi Lovato, and they now have 1.2 million members. Fabletics had a growth spurt of 644 percent in just the last year and they plan on gaining even more members as they expand their physical stores and continue to offer great athleisure wear.

Fabletics Employs Product Customization Maximize Profits

Kate Hudson believes in market research as a suitable method of understanding the various needs of the clients. Through her online fashion wear enterprise known as Fabletics, she has availed an online quiz test that is used to gather information from the clients, hence enabling the firm to precisely determine the features that customers most enjoy in the products. Also, it is possible to understand the aspects that need to be changed.

Additionally, clients are availed with information on the best workout outfits and the best methods that can be employed to maintain the right fitness. Size and color are also taken into account as information is given on the best fashion designs that can be blended with each other to obtain an outstanding look.

Kate Hudson established Fabletics with the objective of tackling the fashion gap that existed in the market. The enterprise ended up growing massively and within only three years, Fabletics was valued at over $250 million, thereby, setting the record as one of the fastest growing fashion enterprises.

At the moment, Fabletics emphasizes on the use of reverse showroom method to avail fashion wear products. It has ended up expanding its operations and has managed to set up more than 18 outlets in different parts of the United States. The show room technique that has been employed ensures that clients can be able to view different products before settling on a particular item and make the purchase.

Kate Hudson understands that very many people are usually involved in browsing the internet and she decided to exploit this factor. Eventually, that is what led to an increase in the value of the business as it became easy to establish a good relationship with the clients, which is a significant factor in the process of undertaking business.

Fabletics has managed to rise steadily in the competitive fashion wear market to secure itself a notable position. Profit maximization is usually the objective that most companies are focused on achieving, and it is often made possible by making the right approach to the market.

E-commerce is revolutionizing how trading activities used to be undertaken and this enables businesses to capture a vast market share hence ensuring that different client needs are addressed. By exploiting the power of e-commerce, Fabletics has ended up growing beyond what was just regarded as startup business. It has been able to beat the odds and rise beyond the expectation of many through using proper marketing methods over the e-commerce market.


Fabletics Offers Exceptional Products At Great Prices

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics accomplishment of establishing a $250 million corporation in just three years, makes it seem easy to succeed in e-commerce fashion market where Amazon rules. It uses a simple subscription method to advertise its products, and if you use this plus a brand name that pressurizes the customers, you achieve a lot.

Modern high-value brands have different components compared to previous classical brands. Contrary to having a high price or good quality, brands are now recognized according to their gamification, perception, unique design, and client experience.

Fabletics has numerous stores operating in Illinois, California, Hawaii, and Florida. The locations and game plan for their products is bringing positive returns as from the likes of Apple.

Once you get a grasp of what your customers’ needs and what satisfies them, business becomes smooth general manager, Gregg Throgmartin suggests. He also affirms that providing customized services and contemporary fashion has been the pillar of their success. Some of the tactics they use are;

  • Reverse showrooming

Therefore, half the number of people that get in the store are members already, and those who aren’t become members while inside the store because of this strategy.

  • Understanding online data

One should project quality brand composition both online and at physical stores for any business to grow. Physical stores act as points of stocking what’s trendy with an option of adjusting them in the future as the preference of fashion changes too. Stocking stores, however, is dependent on various variables including social media opinion, local members, and real-time sales. Fabletics is anchored on linking global fashion tendency with client inclination to maximize on customer experience.

  • Targeting people and culture

Fabletics encounters confrontation in the industry as well. However, a combination of top notch quality brands and perfect prices have served as a good way of promoting the company across almost ten counties.

How Fabletics works

Fabletics is based on a membership program;

VIP Member- great discounts are offered with no monthly fee. Your first purchase is almost around $25, and monthly purchases of two-three piece clothing at $49-$59.

There is a variety of workout gear including shorts tanks, and you choose according to the style you would personally want. Fabletics products are based on;

  • Quality

The quality is quite exceptional compared to the price. For example, leggings from the brand are thick and squeeze your body in the best way possible, plus retain their color for a long time. Tops, on the other hand, are comfortable, and they vary in design and sizes too.

  • Style

A wide range of style to choose, from dull colors to bold patterns, and items with cut out clothing, everybody’s sense of style is catered for in the most impressive way.

  • Value

Quality goods at a great price. Compared to other brands, Fabletics offers quality products at great deals of up to $49-$69 for two-three outfits.

  • Ease of use

Fabletics website is appealing to the eye, and easy to maneuver. Ordering from the website is also quite simple.

Overall Fabletics experience is excellent considering style and quality.

For a company to achieve much in e-commerce marketing, it must invest in data science, perfect products, and technology. Fabletics is doing all this and more, ensuring its clients get the best experience both online and offline.